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 Prized for its wonderful sweet tropical flavors and unique appearance, the fruit from this night blooming vine-like cactus is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
An ideal patio plant.
Grow zone 9-11  In 7" deep pots
Nut & Shade Trees
 A wise man said the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.
 He was right however if you order your trees today you can save up to 30% when you order 5 or more on-sale trees.
 Zone 2-9         In deep tree pots
Fig Trees
 Juicy fresh figs as big as a plum, giant striped and sweet varieties.
 Have you seen the price of these in the store? Save money and grow your own. Grow in pot or in ground.
For zone 6-10   In 14" deep pots
Grape Vines
 Whether you want to grow grapes to enjoy fresh from the vine or age for wine, we offer varieties to please any palate, in white, purple or red. Start your home vineyard.
For zone 4-10      In 9" deep pots
Guava Trees
 Now you can grow the fruit that is cultivated in many tropical regions of the world. Guavas pack a healthy punch with 4 times the vitamin C of an orange and low in calories.
For zone 8-10   In deep tree pots
Kiwi Vines
 Why pay astronomical grocery store prices when you can grow your own Kiwi fruit at home!
 Enjoy the refreshing tropical flavor of this nutrient rich fruit straight from your trellis.
For zone 4-10   In 14" deep pots
 Now available to the home gardener! Varieties of rare or never before seen species.
 Great for chewing, juicing or extracting. Easy to grow fun for the entire family.
Grow anywhere.     In deep pots
Olive Trees
 Bring one of the world’s most cultivated, ancient trees home to your garden. Many easy to grow olive oil and table varieties are available for southern climates. Ideal container plants.
For zone 8-10    In 14" deep pots
Pomegranate Trees
Beautiful globes bounce on delicate branches providing refreshing enjoyment in the home orchard or garden. Harvest your own fresh, delicious and healthy pomegranates.
For zone 3-10    In 14" deep pots
Other Fruits
 Depending on the season we
 also carry a large inventory of:
  - Loquat, Carambola
  - Miracle Fruit, Lychee Fruit
  - Tapioca, Cinnamon Trees
  - Fruiting Cactus, Paw Paw
                           and much more.
Brewing Plants
There is nothing more satisfying than picking and brewing your own drink straight from the garden. Create your own flavor combinations and become a true Brew Master.
For zone 6-10      In 9" deep pots
 Culinary and Medicinal herbs are best when harvested from local soils and more rewarding when plucked fresh from the home garden. Create your own Herbal Oasis.
For zone 4-10         In deep pots
Blackberry Plants
 These are not your average blackberries. This fine selection includes the highest production most hardy plants available.
 Some produce up to 1 1/2" long super sweet fruit.
Grow zone 4-9    In 9" deep pots
Northern Blueberries
 These high production bushes grow as far north as Canada.
 These blueberry bushes can produce up to 5 pounds of juicy berries per year. Its time to get growing.
For zone 3-6      In 14" deep pots
Southern Blueberries
 The deep south has the perfect climate for growing early and midseason southern berries.
 Choose from high yield varieties producing up to 5,000 lbs per acre to jumbo size fruit.
For zone 3-10    In 14" deep pots
 Easy to grow Elderberries are grown for their fruit and ornamental shrub-like qualities.
 Abundant fruit  is purple or gold in color, blooms are large and lacy.
For zone 4-10      In 9" deep pots
Goji Berries
 Used in Asian herbal medicine for over 5000 years, Goji berries are one of the most nutritionally rich superfruits. The fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or ground into a powders.
Grow zone 3-10  In 9" deep pots
Mulberry Trees
 Very tasty blackberry-like fruits grow from the base of the leaves for most of summer to fall.
 A new ornamental variety with contorted limbs and trunk is in high demand for wood.
For zone 3-10    In 14" deep pots
Raspberry Plants
 Delicious raspberries are very easy to grow and very rich in anti-oxidants vitamins & minerals.
 Choose from a variety of red, purple & gold berry colors.  
 Mature well rooted plants.
Grow zone 4-8    In 9" deep pots
Strawberry Plants
 Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits for the home gardener to grow and enjoy.
 All you really need is a sunny patio. Varieties for spring to fall production.
Grow zone 5-10  In 9" deep pots
Other Berries
 Depending on the season we
 also carry a large inventory of:
  - Black & Red Currents
  - Huckleberries, Cranberries
  - Gooseberries, Honeyberries
  - Fruiting Cactus, Nopalea
                          and much more.
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Zone 8b-11 close x
 When growing plants at the northern end of their recommended zones, protection (cover or heat) is required especially if the plants are young and not yet hardened off.
Best if grown in shaded areas of map.
 Tip: Ideally suited for zone 8b-11 this plant can be grown out doors in colder climates if brought indoors for the cooler winter months. Simply provide proper light and water.
Comes in the growers 6" Round Pot with the growers soil mix (never bare root).
Plants are very well packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
Opuntia Ficus Indica Indian Fig xl
 In Stock Also called Blue Tuna for its color and thick muscular shape this cactus is prized for its abundant sweet tasting fruit which is high in antioxidants. This fruit is used for making jelly and syrup. The large pads are edible.
 Comes in the growers 6" Round Pot with the growers soil mix (not bare root), are very well packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
 Tip: Ideally suited for zone 8b-11 this plant can be grown out doors in colder climates if brought indoors for the cooler winter months. Simply provide proper light and water.
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