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Aloe Castanea
 In Stock Clumping -Multiple stems gracefully balance the medium sized thick blue green leaves over a skirts of expired leathery leaves. Thick flower spikes emerge with multiple branches like a candelabra proudly displaying florescent orange.
 Comes in the growers 9" Deep Cone with the growers soil mix (not bare root), are very well packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
 Tip: Ideally suited for zone 9b-11 this plant can be grown out doors in colder climates if brought indoors for the cooler winter months. Simply provide proper light and water.
ships in
9" Deep Cone
31 in
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Reliable shipping schedule: Orders placed by Thursday ship the following Tuesday during season,  April - Nov.
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 Aloes, also known as "Medicine Plants" make an excellent addition to any home interior or patio.
 Aloes are very hardy plants that require little to no care and grow well in most home environments.
 Pure Aloe Gel, has been used to treat many ailments from skin burns and acne to stomach pain and headaches.
 Gel is easily extracted from the aloe leaves by cutting both ends, allowing it to drain. The gel can then be used fresh or be refrigerated for later use.
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