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Agave Amer. Striata Vegas Silver
 In Stock RARE & SHOWY - Medium to small sized Agave with thick wide curved leaves and brush stroked creamy white stripes on bluish green leaves with curved margin spines grows up to 3 feet tall and 5 feet across. Brilliant in any rock garden.
 Agave Amer. Striata Vegas Silver comes in the growers 6" Round Pot with the growers soil mix (not bare root), are very well packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
 Tip: Ideally suited for zone 8a-11 this Agave Amer. Striata Vegas Silver can be grown out doors in colder climates if brought indoors for the cooler winter months. Simply provide proper light and water.
ships in
6" Round Pot
your cost $63.28
Reliable shipping schedule: Orders placed by Thursday ship the following Tuesday during season,  April - Nov.
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